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Raj Comics Characters-Superheroes

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Raj Comics Characters-SuperHeroes Complete List

Raj Comics Characters Pic

Raj Comics had published around 40 Well-Known characters. Some of them are Inactive for unknown reasons. Here is the complete list. I categorize the characters into 4 categories as follow:

1. Active Raj Comics Characters:

  1. Nagraj
  2. Super Commando Dhruva
  3. Doga
  4. Parmanu
  5. Bhokal
  6. Bediya
  7. Tiranga
  8. Inspector Steel
  9. Shakti
  10. Anthony
  11. Yoddha
  12. Super Indian (Debut In Super Indian)
  13. Bankelal
  14. Fighter Toads
  15. Gamraj
  16. Adig (Debut In Sarvnayak Series)

2.Heroes Who Come Back After a Long Time/Period (Active Now):

  1. Ashwraj (In Sarvnayak Series) 
  2. Gojo (In Sarvnayak Series)
  3. Tilismdev (In Sarvnayak Series) 
  4. Prachanda (In Sarvnayak Series) 
  5. Shukral (In Sarvnayak Series) 
  6. Gagan (In Maqbara) 
  7. Vinashdoot (In Maqbara) 
  8. Montie (In Maqbara) 
  9. Tahira (In Maqbara) 
  10. Vakra (In Hum Honge Kamayab) 
  11. Pret Uncle (In Sarvnayak Series)
  12. Abhedya (In Sarvaagman - Sarvnayak Series)
  13. Blind Death (In Sarvaagman - Sarvnayak Series)
  14. Liza (In Sarvaagman - Sarvnayak Series)
  15. Vega (In Sarvaagman - Sarvnayak Series)

3. Raj Comics Inactive Characters:

  1. Barrister Vishwanath
  2. Hunter Sharks
  3. Friendie
  4. Jaadugar
  5. Jasoos Topichand
  6. Khayaliram
  7. Raja
  8. Johar
  9. Sandman

4. Raj Comics Kids Characters:

  1. Bobby
  2. Tuffy
  3. Cherry
  4. Dumroo

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  1. Where is the name of yodha in active characters??

    1. why to put him in inactive characters!!! 🙇
      he is active 'Aarambh series' and now in 'Sarvnayk series'.
      Active characters (11. Yoddha)

      kyun packup kar rahe ho uska mere bhai 😛