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Disclaimer for Images:

Most of the images hosted or linked here are the property of their respected owners specially Raj Comics Publication.

Raj Comics Info  is not the owner of these images and does not claim any credit. All credit goes to their respected owners. All Images are collected from Facebook or from their official website(s), where they provide it free of cost for all. We are just Sharing them so every comic fan can reach them. 

In our Reviews, Story and Article section, we have edited and modified some of the images and added Raj comics LOGO, comics NAME and topic related HEADING to them. The only purpose of the modification is to make the images related to the subject or topic. 

We are very thankful to Raj Comics Publication for these comics Images. If the owner of these images don't want to show their images here on
then please email us at the below given email ID, we'll immediately take necessary action and respond you as soon as possible.

Email ID:


*Please replace the '(dot)' with '.' , in the above listed email ID.


Once again thank you very much Raj Comics, for making our childhood the best and the memorable.


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