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Punarutthan Multistarrer Series Raj Comics

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 Last Updated on: 5 Nov, 2019

Punarutthan Series Ad-Promo Pages Raj Comics
पुनरुत्थान श्रृंखला

(Update Regularly)

A new name has been added to the list of upcoming Raj Comics Series and that name is "Punarutthan". Raj Comics team have not told anything officially about the new and upcoming "Punarutthan Comic Series". The title of the first comic of this series is "Punarotthsan". And it will be released in the set number 5 of 2016. That is the only information we have right now. The release date has not been mentioned yet, we will update as soon as it will be disclosed. 

But just recently released the first ad page of the Punarotthan comic series have told enough. Now we know of certain things about the Punarutthaan Comic Series and they are:

First: The "Punarutthan" will be a multi-starrer comic series. But in addition to the existing Universe Protectors, we will also get to see Gagan, Vinashdoot and a few old and inactive King Comics Heroes in this series. By Inactive King Comics heroes /characters I mean Abhedya, Blind-Death, Vega and Liza.

Second: After viewing the pictures and headlines of the first Ad page of Punarutthan series, you will have understood that the story of this series will be linked to the Gods (Devas) somewhere. 

Third: If all the Superheroes shown in the ad page are a part of this comic series, then obviously it will not be a small series. And it also may be guessed, that this comic series will run longer. How long? Only Raj Comics team or the time can answer.

Serialized Comics of Punarutthan Series:

  • Punarutthan - (Forth-coming) (Expected in Set 1/2 of 2020)

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Punarutthan - Ad Page 1
पुनरुत्थान - विज्ञापन पृष्ठ 1

First Look - Punarutthaan Series

पुरातन जीवन का विनाश कर, सृष्टि नव-जीवन का निर्माण करती है। मैं आया हूँ मानवता को नवयुग देने और करने उसका पुनरोत्थान।
अब हर मानव होगा देव-तुल्य और धरती बनेगी स्वर्ग। क्यूंकि ब्रह्मगण आ गए हैं मानवता और धरती का पुनरूत्थान करने।
ब्रह्माण्ड रक्षकों की एक नयी कॉमिक्स श्रंखला, शुरू होने जा रही है "पुनरूथान" कॉमिक्स से।

By destroying an old civilization, the nature starts rebuilding a new civilization. I've come for the revival and resurgence of the humanity.
Now every human will be Dev-equivalent and the earth will become heaven. Because the Braham-gans have been arrived to resurgence the humanity and the earth.
A new upcoming Comics Series of the Universe Protectors, will begun with the forthcoming comic "Punarutthan".


Punarutthaan - Misc Heroes Posters
पुनरुत्थान - विविध नायकों के पोस्टर

Superheroes of Punarutthaan Series

महानगर दिल्ली में होने जा रहा है ब्रह्माण्ड रक्षकों के नए मुख्यालय 'ब्रह्म स्थल' का भव्य उदघाटन। इस उपलक्ष में इन सब नायकों को मिला है न्योता, परंतु ....!
राज कॉमिक्स पेश करने जा रहे हैं, ब्रह्माण्ड रक्षकों की एक और बेमिसाल कॉमिक श्रृंखला पुनरोत्थान।

Grand opening of "Brahma Sthal" the new headquarters of the Universe Protectors is going to be at Mahanagar, New Delhi. On this occasion, all these heroes have been invited, but.....!
Raj Comics Publication is going to present another outstanding comic series of the Universe Protectors, "Punarutthan".

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  1. No yoddha with devas as story focus and not even superindian..he is out of legue for to long and no vakra and fighter toads

  2. when punurotthan is going to start? any news...?

    1. No idea dear,
      Raj Comics haven't released any news update on Punarutthan from a long. But I'm expecting it to be release this year. Let's wait n watch.