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Hi guys, If you have any Suggestions or Feedback about this website or comics you are most welcome. And also if you have anything related to Raj Comics such as Articles, Reviews, Self made Posters-Sketches-Memes, your Self-Written Stories or anything related to Raj Comics. You can share with us and with the entire world.

Submit your content here or mail us at [email protected], after getting approved it will be published here and all credit goes to you. This is the right time to show your JANOON towards Raj Comics and our beloved Superheroes.

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Hi Friends,
Welcome to the world of comics, welcome to Raj Comics Info.
To reach the entire world Our Indian SuperHeroes need your support.
Share this Blog, Articles and Reviews ---- As Much As You Can.
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  1. Hi Ajay

    How r u, its been long we spoke, I just have one question why Raj comics is not pblishing more comics set now, like in 2016 we had only 3 sets and now its april and raj comics did not publish its set 1 of 2017

    1. I'm fine Milan, hope that you too doing good.
      Almost every RC reader wants to know the answer to this question. But no one can give this exact answer other than Raj Comics Publication. As far as I believe, Raj Comics team is adopting changes over time. Now along with Book Publication, they are moving towards TV serials, web-series, cinema, i.e. videos industry. I think this is the only reason for the delay of comics release.

      According to the last update I got, Set 1 of 2017 is ready after printing, so we can expect the pre-orders very soon.