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 26 July  Set 1 of 2019 Sarvpralay Set Released, Pre-Orders Started: 

Forthcoming Attractions Raj Comics

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 Last Updated on: 5 Nov, 2019 

Raj Comics Upcoming and Forth-Coming Monthly Sets

Forth Coming Raj Comics - Pic

Do you want to know the details of Raj Comics Upcoming Sets of 2019-2020?
Then you are at the right place. Here are the details of the upcoming monthly sets that Raj Comics Publication is going to released in 2019 and 2020.

Not just the upcoming comics, but here you will also get the list and information of the previous released comics sets.

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Raj Comics Upcoming and Forth-Coming Comics Sets of 2019-2020:

Recently, Raj Comics publication has dropped the number of new comics in each set to 1. Yes you heard it right, just 1 new comics in each new set.

It was also announced in the late 2018 that there will be a new set every month. I was happy just like any other fan, and I thought it's a brilliant decision by Raj Comics Team and we will get to read a new comic each month.

My only concern was whether the Raj Comics team would be able to do this? Will we get 1 new set every month which will have 1 new comics? Got an answer very soon. Raj Comics failed to deliver a new set every month.

Released and Upcoming Raj Comics 2019-2020

Raj Comics Set 1 of 2019 (Released):

This set had 1 new comics released and was 'Sarvapralaya'. Apart from this, Sampoorn Nagayana Special Collector's Edition, Sarvpralay Special Collector's Edition and approximately 50 reprinted old comics were also available with this new set. Especially the early comics of Nagraj, Dhruva, Doga and Bankelal.

Comics list of Raj Comics set 1 of 2019 is as follow:
  • Sarvpralay (Normal Edition) (Sarvanayak Series 11) (Multi)
  • Sarvpralay (Special Collector Edition)
  • Sampoorn Dracula Series (Collector Edition)
  • Kharaun (Bankelal)
  • Dhumraketu (Bankelal)
  • Boodhha Ghati (Bankelal)
  • Totaram (Bankelal)
  • Aatankwadi Nagraj (Nagraj)
  • Dracula Ka Hamla (Nagraj)
  • Nagraj Aur Dracula (Nagraj)
  • Kolahal (Nagraj)

Read More detailed Info....

Sarvpralay, Raj Comics Set 1 of 2019


 Raj Comics Set 2 of 2019 (Upcoming):

Raj Comics set 2 of 2019 is Swarn Nagari ki Tabaahi set, and it is expected for Pre-Orders very soon (in Nov 2019). Swarn Nagari ki Tabaahi is already released in the market in a few selected shops, as was done with previous comics sets.
Swarn Nagari ki Tabaahi is the 4th part of the Sarvanayak Vistaar Series. We can also expect a few reprinted old vintage comics with this set as usual.

Comics list of Raj Comics set 2 of 2019 is as follow:

  • Swarn Nagari ki Tabaahi (Sarvanayak Vistaar 4) (Multi)

Expected Old Comics of this set:
  • Vaidya Bankelal (Bankelal)
  • Shok Watika (Bankelal)
  • Raajmukut (Bankelal)
  • Bankelal Aur Divyastra (Bankelal)
  • Vishheen Nagraj (Nagraj)
  • Ichchhadhari Chor (Nagraj)
  • Khalnayak Nagraj (Nagraj)
  • Samraat (Nagraj)
  • Soudangi (Nagraj)


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2019 (Forth-coming):

The new comic of RC set 3 of 2019 is really a gem, at least for me. The most awaited comics, which fans are extremely keen to read, and that is the "Vishprasth" from Kshatipurti Series of Nagraj.

Raj Comics set 3 of 2019 is expected to be ready for Pre-Orders by the end of this year. If not then it will be released in the new year and will become Set 1 of 2020. There are also a few reprinted old comics that will be release with this set.

Comics list of Raj Comics set 3 of 2019 is as follow:

  • Vishprasth (Kshatipurti 3) (Nagraj)

Reprinted Old comics list of this set will be updated when announced.


Upcoming Raj Comics 2020

Raj Comics Set 1 of 2020 (Forth-coming):

Raj Comics set 1 of 2020 is the most awaited set. Why? Because the most awaited comics series is going to begin with the release of this set and fans are extremely curious to read it. And this new series is the Punarutthan series, which is going to start with the "Punarutthaan" comic. The reprinted old comics list of this set is not announced yet.

Comics list of Raj Comics set 1 of 2020 is as follow:

  • Punarutthan (Punarutthan Series New) (Multi)

Reprinted Old comics list of this set will be updated when announced.


Raj Comics Set 2 of 2020 (Forth-coming):

The new comics of Raj Comics set 2 of 2020 will be the Mulistarer Prakoshth Ke Kaidi from Sarvanayak Vistaar Series. A few reprinted old comics will also be released with this set, but the list in not yet announced.

Comics list of Raj Comics set 2 of 2020 is as follow:

  • Prakoshth Ke Kaidi (Sarvanayak Vistaar Series 5) (Multi)

Reprinted Old comics list of this set will be updated when announced.


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2020 (Forth-coming):

In the Raj Comics set 3 of 2020, Sarvarann the 12th installment of Sarvanayak Series is planned to release. There are also a few reprinted old comics that will be release with this set. But the list of those reprinted comics have not been officially announced yet. We will update here, when announced.

Comics list of Raj Comics set 3 of 2020 is as follow:

  • Sarvarann (Sarvanayak Series 12) (Multi)

Reprinted Old comics list of this set will be updated when announced.


Check Out the Year Wise Raj Comics Released in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018:

Raj Comics 2018

Raj Comics 2017

Raj Comics 2016

Raj Comics 2015


* 1. The above Upcoming Sets list is possible to adjust as needed by Raj Comics Publication.
* 2. Reprinted Old comics list of the upcoming sets is possible to adjust as needed by Raj Comics Publication.

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  1. Bhai Agadam Bagdam Ka Update Bataye Please

    1. There is no new update available of this comic at the moment. Right now Raj Comics is busy on other comics series and Solo's. It seems difficult to come in the next 2-3 sets. If I get any update will surely post. Stay in touch.

  2. yr no mans land kb tk release hogi

    1. May be in the 5th or 6th set,
      And at present we all are waiting for Set 3
      Now you may figure out.
      If I get an update then I'll definitely post.

  3. Replies
    1. Swarg hetu k baare mein abhi filhaal koi jaankari uplabd nahin hai. kam se kam is saal to mushkil hai. Hope will be release soon

  4. next part of dikkhar ( bhokal ) kab relese hogi

    1. The next part of Dhikaar is "SPCL-2468 Antardwand" and its released dear.
      Get Hard copy here:
      For E-comic visit:

  5. dhikaar series still not end when i ask i mean next after dhikaar

    1. 1. Dhikaar (1st Part)
      2. Antardwand (2nd n Last Part)
      3. Yugandar (Story continues where Bhokal was searching for his father and in the middle of is search he was called by Yugm. And now the story is continues in saravnayak series.)

  6. does it mean after sarvnayak series story will continue ?

    1. May be the story progressed in the Sarvnayak series. And if not then we'll hope after the series.

  7. Ajay bhai sarvmanthan ka download link khi nahi mil rha???

    1. Sorry Dear,
      We are not Providing Download Links.
      All you get here is information, News and stuff which Raj Comics giving free of cost

  8. any news about naag granth or mhanagayan

    1. No update about Naag-Granth and Mahanagayana.
      I guess Naag-Granth will be start afte Kshatipurti series.
      Could not say anything about Mahanagayan.

      If I get any update I will definitely share, stay in touch.

  9. Bhai Narak Ahuti ke bad Naaggranth kab release ho raha hai

  10. Bhai Narak Ahuti ke bad Naaggranth kab release ho raha hai

  11. Why there is not any series of tiranga.. He even not have its own wiki page...

  12. Kindly update this page, as the Set 2 (marked as Upcoming) has already been released a month ago.

  13. dear frnd plz confirm any update set 3 in 2016 . kb tk availavel ho jayegi

    1. Hello Rohit,
      New update of set 3 will be released this coming Monday, on 19 Sept. Read the previous news update here:
      First Proofs of Set 3 of 2016 Raj Comics

  14. please tell me when will set 3 be available online

    1. Very soon bro,
      2 comics of set 3 'Sarvashakti' & 'Nirmulk Kranti' have been ready after printing.
      Read more on:
      Raj Comics Breaking News

    2. Update your raj comics app some new comics came

  15. Can anyone answer please why raj comics has not released the Set 3 4 5 and 6 of this year, last year i remember by oct we already had set 4 released?is some issue causing the delay or is it any marketing tendency that Raj comics is following recently...ya fir kuch au

    1. Yes, you're right Deepu. Last year 5 sets had been released by this time. And this year, just 2 sets have been released so far and we all are still waiting for the third set.
      I don't believe that this is a marketing strategy. No one wants to delay in releasing their products, especially when the products have a huge demand in the market.
      I think Raj Comics Publication is facing any kind of problem. Maybe they have a financial problem, or something else. But I am sure something is definitely going wrong with them.

  16. Where is naag Granth comics

    1. NaagGranth is not released yet.
      And Raj Comics publication have not announced its release date. No one can predict about it.

  17. News Update: Raj comics has shifted its work from comics to video industry and is completely busy in Dhruv Web Series, no new comics will come until the web series is over, that is till Diwali of 2017, from now on only 1 or 2 sets (that means only 3 or 4 comics) will be released per year as they have shifted their business from print industry to video production.

    1. Here the word 'shifted', would be too wrong to use.

      They are not shifting their buisness from book publishing to video production. They're just trying to run both the businesses together.

      I think, along with Book Publication, Raj Comics is moving towards TV serials, web-series, cinema, i.e. videos industry.

  18. where can i find sarvwyuh tenth part

    1. Till now 9 parts of Sarvnayak Series has been released, 10th is the upcoming. We have to wait for it.

  19. why have they decreased the number of Sets from 2016?? earlier there used to be 6 sets in a year. last year there were only 3. this year till mid july only few new comics are released. please tell me why?

  20. Yeh Sarvnayak aur Bal Charitra series kitni aur khechenge....2-3 saal se series chal rahi hai aaj tak...

    1. Bro is baat ka jawaab Raj Comics se behtar ab or kon de sakta hai.
      in series ke parts ko lekar mujhe koi shikaayat nahin hai, bas ye jo release time gap hai na ye bahut badi samasya hai.

  21. How often do they refresh the stock in online store?
    Some comics have been unavailable since very long. Like atankharta nagraj, city without a hero, some parts of sarvnayak etc. Will these comics be re-printed and stocked at any time or only be printed with new sets?

  22. Boss naya set kab aa raha hai, any news

  23. Dear Raj comics walo tusin new set release karan ch enna time kyon lagaonde ho

  24. Ik Sama c Jadon Raj comics sahi time te release hundian c ik set vich 7—8 comic's release hundian c ajj kal do comics release karan ch chaar panj month lagde ne kyon

  25. Do you have any news about
    Naaggranth and mhanagayan

    1. Hi Pankaj,
      Sorry no updates about naggranth and Mahanagayan.
      RC has released the comics list upto set 3 of 2019, but the both comics are not in the list.

  26. Hi Ajay

    How r u? Hope you are doing good and everything is great. Could you please tell that during the 90s and 2000s how come Raj comics was able to bring new comics in every set not only Nagraj, Dhruv,Pamanu,Doga, Bankelal,Bhokal,Bhediya,Kobi,Inspector Steel,Anthony,Tiranga,Shakti etc but now only one new comics every set

    What is the reason behind this change? Has anything gone wrong with Raj comics.Sorry as I am not aware of the policy change of raj comics or if any other new hene, am asking you about this reason as I have been seeing the decline of raj comics for 10 years now