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Raj Comics Released in 2018 Complete List Year Wise

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Complete Year Wise List of Raj Comics Published in 2018

In the year 2018, Raj Comics publication had released 4 monthly sets with 1 new comics in each new set, and some old vintage comics (Re-printed Comics) and 5 Special Collector’s Editions.

Here are the details of the comics lists with the set numbers.

List of Raj Comics Released in Year 2018

Raj Comics Set 1 of 2018:

Raj Comics Set 1 of 2018 was the Sarvavyooh set. This set was released with 1 new comics, with a few Old Reprints Vintage comics and a collectors edition of Sarvavyooh. Sarvavyooh is the 10th chapter of the Sarvnayak series.

The Comics List of set 1 of 2017:

  • Sarvavyooh (Sarvnayak 10) (Special Collector’s Edition)
  • Sarvavyooh (Normal Edition)
  • Brahmaand Vismaran (Shifted to Next Set)
  • Aadamakhor Hatyaara (THS) (reprint)
  • Sarvadaman (Multi) (Reprint)
  • Dragan King (Nagrag) (Reprint)
  • Sarvasangraam (Multi) (Reprint)
  • No Mans Land [Balcharit 3] (Dhruva) (Reprint)
  • Super Hero Colouring - Nagraj
  • Super Hero Colouring - Doga

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Sarvavyooh, Raj Comics Set 1 of 2018


Raj Comics Set 2 of 2018:

Raj Comics released set no 2 of 2018 with a total of 9 comic books in this set. 1 new comics with 8 reprinted old comics. The new comics of this set was
Brahmaand Vismaran, the 7th part of the Aakhiri Rakshak series.

Comics list of set 2 of 2018:

  • SPCL-2618-H Brahmaand Vismaran [Aakhiri Rakshak 7] (Multistar)
  • SPCL-0075-H Snake Park (Nagraj)
  • SPCL-0088-H Kenchuli (Nagraj)
  • SPCL-0081-H Ichchhadhari (Nagraj)
  • SPCL-0106-H Baambi (Nagraj)
  • SPCL-0120-H Sapera (Nagraj)
  • SPCL-0139-H Aayi Bala Taalo (Bankelal)
  • SPCL-0147-H Ichchhamani (Bankelal)
  • SPCL-0157-H Shaitaan Khopri (Bankelal)

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Brahmaand Vismaran, Raj Comics Set 2 of 2018


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2018:

Raj Comics set 3 of 2018 has been released with 1 new comics. The new comic of this set was "Brahmaand Sahinta", the final and the concluding Part of Aakhiri Rakshak Series. Some reprinted old comics and a few coloring books were also released with this set. 

Comics list of Raj comics set 3 of 2018:

  • Brahmaand Sanhita [Aakhiri Rakshak Series - Final Part] (Multistar)
  • Akhiri Rakshak (Multistar) [Aakhiri Rakshak Series]
  • Vishva Rakshak (Multistar) [Aakhiri Rakshak Series]
  • Fun (Nagraj)
  • Kaalchakra (Nagraj)
  • Raja Bankelal (Bankelal)
  • Vikram Aur Vetaal (Bankelal)
  • Bankelal Aur Chetak (Bankelal)
  • Kailashpati (Bankelal)
  • 4 Super Hero Coloring Books (Nagraj-Dhruva-Doga-Multistar)

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Brahmaand Sanhita, Raj Comics Set No 3 of 2018


Raj Comics Set 4 of 2018:

The main attraction of set 4 of 2018 was End Game, the final and the concluding Part of Balcharit Series Dhruva. Raj Comics set 4 of 2018 was the last released set of this year. It has 1 new comics and some old Vintage comics.

Raj Comics list of set 4 of 2018:

  • End Game [Baalcharit 6 - Final Part]  (Dhruva)
  • Tilismi Jute (Bankelal) 
  • Chamatkaari Jaden (Bankelal) 
  • Aatank (Nagraj) 
  • Dushman Nagraj (Nagraj) 
  • Kundli (Nagraj) 
  • Prem Shradh (Bheriya) 
  • Break Out (Dhruva)

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End Game, Raj Comics Set 4 of 2018


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