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Raj Comics Released in 2016 Complete List Year Wise

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Complete Year Wise Released Raj Comics of 2016

In the year 2016, Raj Comics publication had planned to release 5 monthly sets with approximately 20-22 new comics. But something went wrong and this did not happen. As the result, first 2 sets were released according to the plan. But the rest of the 3 sets, just 1 set had been released, and that also with reduced number of comics.

Here are the details of the comics lists with the set numbers. And I make the this list in two categories, Released and not released. Hope you will not confused. And if you will, so please be sure to ask us before arriving at any conclusion.

Raj Comics Set 1 of 2016: (Was Planned and Released)

Set 1 of 2016 The Sarvkranti set has been released with 6 comics. 4 new comics, 1 Dvinayak and 1 Digest (Old Reprint).

The comics list of set 1 of 2016 is as follow:

  • Sarvkranti: (Multi) [Sarvnayak Series]
  • Vishkshetra Sanrakshanm:  (Multi) [Sarvnayak Vistaar Series]
  • Doga Ansh: (Doga) [Doga Unmulan Series]
  • Adrishya Shadyantra: (Multi) [Aakhiri Rakshak Series]
  • Dhruv Digest -17 [Quiz Master, Mummy Ka Kehar, Commando Force]
  • Dvinayak -7: (Junglistaan- Bhediya & Tiranga), (Aadhe Insaan -Bhediya & Steel)


Set 1 of 2016


Raj Comics Set 2 of 2016: (Was Planned and Released)

Finally Raj Comics publication had taken the decision, which was being awaited by the readers and the fans from a long. The good news was, 32-32 pages comics not anymore, at least not at all in the "Aakhiri" and "Doga Unmoolan Series". From set No. 2 of 2016, the sixth part and the upcoming comics of both of the series start releasing in 64 pages instead of 32.

Set 2 of 2016, the Moat Ka Baazigar set has been released with 6 comics. 4 new comics, 1 Dvinayak and 1 Digest (Old Reprint).

Comics list of set 2 of 2016 is as follow:

  • Moat Ka Baazigar: (Nagraj) [Kshatipoorti -2] (96 Pages)
  • Rajnagar Reloaded: (Dhruv + Steel) [Rajnagar Rakshak -4] (64 Pages)
  • Brahmaand Vikhandan: (Multi) [Akhiri rakshak -6] (64 Pages)
  • Doga Dhwast: (Doga) [Doga unmulan - 6] (64 Pages)
  • Dvinayak -8: (Kobi-Bhediya + Doga) [Kobi Bhai, Ek mayan Do Talwaar, Gangwar]
  • Dhruva Digest -18: [Bona Vaman, Kaal Dhwani, Seh or Maat]


Set 2 of 2016


Raj Comics Set 3 of 2016: (Was Planned and Released But less No of Comics)

Raj Comics Set 3 of 2016, the Sarvashakti set. Raj Comics Team had planned to release this set with 4 or 5 new comics. But unfortunately set no 3 have been released with just 2 new comics, no more digests this time.

Previously set no 3 of 2016 had two main attractions. The first attraction was the return of the comedy king Bankelal. After a long wait of more than a year, a new comic of Bankelal was going to released in this monthly set. But this did not happen, and now we have to wait for the next upcoming sets.

The second attraction was the final and decisive chapter of "Aakhiri Series". Aakhiri Series is about to complete its journey with its final comic "Brahmaand Vismaran". Which was planned to be released in this set. But it also kicked out of the set and now we may expect that it will be included in the next upcoming set.

Previously Mentioned Comics list of Set 3 of 2016 (Was Planned to release):
  • Sarvashakti (Sarvnayak Series) (96 Pages)
  • Swarnnagri Ki Tabaahi (Sarvnayak Vistaar Series) (64 Pages)
  • Brahmaand Vismaran (Aakhiri Series) (Final Chapter)
  • Nirmulak Kranti (Doga Unmoolan Series) (64 Pages)
  • Bodiwaala Thaanedaar (Bankelal) (48 Pages)

Final Comics List of Set 3 of 2016 (Released Comics):
  • Sarvashakti (Collectors Edition) 
  • Sarvashakti (Paperback Edition) 
  • Nirmulak Kranti (Paperback Edition)


Set 3 of 2016

Raj Comics Set 4 of 2016: (Was Planned to be Released)

Set No. 4 was supposed to be the Pheonix set i.e. Balchrit 4. This set was one of the most awaited sets of 2016. There are two highlights in this set. The first highlight of this set was the comic "Pheonix". Readers are (still) highly excited for Dhruva starer 4th part of Balcharit Series "Pheonix". 

The second highlight was Doga starter comic "Doga Ast" from Doga Unmoolan Series. "Doga Ast" will be the last and decisive comic of the series. After the completion of Doga Unmoolan Series, "Swamibhakt Rakhwaale" will be the next comics Series of Doga.

The supposed comics list of set 4 of 2016 (Not Released):
  • Phoenix (Balcharit series) (96 Pages)
  • Rajnagar Rannkshetra (Rajnagar Rakshak Series) (64 Pages)
  • Bhool Gaya Raja (Bankelal) (96 Pages)
  • Doga Ast (Doga Unmoolan Series) (Final Chapter)(64 Pages)


Raj Comics Set 5 of 2016: (Was Planned to be Released)

Set No. 5 was supposed to be "Sarvagaman Set" or Sarvnayak 9. In this set, two new comics series were supposed to be begin. The first one was the Punrotthaan Series and the second series was Swamibhakt Rakhwale. But unfortunately, both are still in the queue.

The supposed comics list of set 5 of 2016 (Not Released):

  • Sarvagaman (Sarvnayak Series) (96 Pages)
  • Prakoshth Ke Kaidi (Sarvnayak Vistaar Series) (64 Pages)
  • Punarutthan (Punarutthan Series) (64 Pages) (New Series)
  • Kuttapanti (Swamibhakt Rakhwale Series) (64 Pages) (New Series)
  • Sarvmanokaamna Siddhi (Bankelal) (48 Pages)

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