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Raj Comics Released in 2019 Complete List Year Wise

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Complete Year Wise List of Raj Comics Published in 2019

In the year 2019, Raj Comics publication had released just 2 monthly sets with 1 new comics in each new set, and some old vintage comics (Re-printed Comics) and 2 Special Collector’s Editions.

Here are the details of the comics lists with the set numbers.

List of Raj Comics Released in Year 2019

Raj Comics Set 1 of 2019 (Released):

This set had 1 new comics released and was 'Sarvapralaya'. Apart from this, Sampoorn Nagayana Special Collector's Edition, Sarvpralay Special Collector's Edition and approximately 50 reprinted old comics were also available with this new set. Especially the early comics of Nagraj, Dhruva, Doga and Bankelal.

Comics list of Raj Comics set 1 of 2019 is as follow:
  • Sarvpralay (Normal Edition) (Sarvanayak Series 11) (Multi)
  • Sarvpralay (Special Collector Edition)
  • Sampoorn Dracula Series (Collector Edition)
  • Kharaun (Bankelal)
  • Dhumraketu (Bankelal)
  • Boodhha Ghati (Bankelal)
  • Totaram (Bankelal)
  • Aatankwadi Nagraj (Nagraj)
  • Dracula Ka Hamla (Nagraj)
  • Nagraj Aur Dracula (Nagraj)
  • Kolahal (Nagraj)

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Sarvpralay, Raj Comics Set 1 of 2019


 Raj Comics Set 2 of 2019:

Raj Comics set 2 of 2019 is Swarn Nagari ki Tabaahi set, and it is expected for Pre-Orders very soon (in Nov 2019). Swarn Nagari ki Tabaahi is already released in the market in a few selected shops, as was done with previous comics sets.
Swarn Nagari ki Tabaahi is the 4th part of the Sarvanayak Vistaar Series. We can also expect a few reprinted old vintage comics with this set as usual.

Comics list of Raj Comics set 2 of 2019 is as follow:

  • Swarn Nagari ki Tabaahi (Sarvanayak Vistaar 4) (Multi)

Expected Old Comics of this set:
  • Vaidya Bankelal (Bankelal)
  • Shok Watika (Bankelal)
  • Raajmukut (Bankelal)
  • Bankelal Aur Divyastra (Bankelal)
  • Vishheen Nagraj (Nagraj)
  • Ichchhadhari Chor (Nagraj)
  • Khalnayak Nagraj (Nagraj)
  • Samraat (Nagraj)
  • Soudangi (Nagraj)


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Upcoming and Forth-Coming Raj Comics

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