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Hi Guys,

Welcome to the "World of Comics", welcome to Raj Comics Info. Myself Ajay Kc Founder and Author of Raj Comics Info. Let me introduce myself to you.

Like any other, I’m a normal guy who is passionate about Computing, Blogging, Internet and Comics. I’m Hardware Engineer by profession and Blogging is my passion. 

I am a die-hard Fan of Raj Comics. When I come to know that comics are available over internet. I search all over the internet for Raj comics-Latest set, old sets, news for raj comics and other comics related details. But I got disappointment from the results. The results! there was many blogs and websites which provide scanned comics but nobody gives information-news-updates about Raj comics. Even I did not get the full information on Raj Comics Official Website.Then I decided to help the Fans of Raj Comics by providing Information about Raj comics and there characters, news, updates, Monthly sets details, upcoming comic release details etc.

As a result in January 2015 Raj Comics Info came into existence.
And I promise you will get all news and updates of Raj Comics on regular bases in future as well.

The main purpose of Raj Comics Info is to help Raj Comics to reach every child in every home. To deliver useful information and the latest comics news to the fans. Feel free for any queries, feedback or suggestions.

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A humble request to all of you who visit Raj Comics Info and found something useful here.

Please buy comics and save comics Industry, Don't let our Super-Heroes die.

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