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Raj Comics Breaking News in English

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 Last Updated on: 15 April, 2020 

Raj Comics Latest News Updates in English

Raj Comics Breaking News in English

Canine: Doga Reborn #1 New Form of Doga in New Comic Edition:

Raj Comics presents a surprise for all their readers, especially for the fans of Doga. A new comics book featuring a brand new adaptation of our favorite comics character one and only DOGA. Doga in a very new form, and on a unique new journey.

To read the complete story, follow the link below.

15 April, 2020


Set 1 of 2020 Vishprast Set Released Offline:

The good news is, the very 1st set of 2020 Vishprasth has been released and available, but not for pre-order. Vishprasth comics set has been released in the market and is only available at a few selected book stores. So look out your nearest book stores and get your copy, before its get too late.

New comics set of 2020 is not available for pre-orders at the Raj Comics Official Store, same thing happened with the previous set Sarvapralay. It was also not available on the RC Online Store and now this set too. One thing is crystal clear for now, and that is we must find out some book stores which are dealing with Raj Comics. Otherwise, considering the current situation, online availability of new raj comics cannot be promised.

25 Feb, 2020


Upcoming Comics of Set 2 and 3 of 2019:

I hope 2 more sets to be released in this year 2019. The next upcoming set, the set 2 of 2019 is "Swarn Nagri Ki Tabahi'. And then set 3 of 2019 is 'Vishprasth'.


17 Oct, 2019


Set 1 of 2019 Sarvpralay Set Released, Pre-Orders Started:

A long wait of approximately 9 months, and finally the new comics i.e, Set 1 of 2019 Sarvpralay set is available Online. Raj Comics has started the pre-orders for Sarvpralay set on its online store.

Checkout the New Set Comics and set details here,

26 July, 2019


2 Upcoming Raj Comics Sets on the Way:


Finally, this is what we all fans want to hear. The 2 upcoming Raj Comics Sets are on the way. Today Sanjay Gupta posted on the RC official Facebook group that the next two sets are in preparation, wait for next information.

We can clearly see the 2 pics of the comics and they are 'Sarvpralay' and 'SwarnNagri Ki Tabahi'. So the next two sets will be according to the pre-announced set list (at least new comics).

Checkout the Upcoming Comics and set details here,

20 May, 2019


End Game is Available on Raj Comics App:

Dhruva comics End Game is Available on Raj Comics App

Digital-Comics lovers, the wait is over for the new comics of the latest set. Yes, the final and concluding part of the blockbuster hit Balcharit comics series of Dhruva from the latest Raj Comics 4 of 2018, is now available on Raj Comics Android App. Get your copy now.

About Raj Comics Android App:

If you have not installed this app yet, then download it from the link given below.

And after installing the app, fill this code in the referral code option on registration: LM3Z07

This will give you a referral bonus of Rs 10.00 as well as me too. There are many free comics available or this app. In addition, you can also buy the new released comics there at very low price (Rs. 8, 16, 24 etc). So get this app now.

31 Oct, 2018


Set 4 of 2018, End Game is Released:

Latest Raj Comics Set 4 of 2018 has been released. Raj Comics publication has begun the pre-orders for 2018 Set 4 on its online store.

For more information about this set, such as comics lists, offers, gifts, etc. please open the following link:

Raj Comics Set 4 of 2018 Complete Details

03 Oct, 2018


Update Set 4 of 2018, End Game:


The only new comics of the upcoming set 4 of 2018, End game is ready for printing. Today Mr. Sanjay Gupta shared this news on RC Official Facebook Page.

20 Sept, 2018


Brahmaand Sanhita Now Available on RC Android  App:


Good news for the Digital-Comics lovers. Brahmaand Sanhita from the latest Raj Comics set no 3 of 2018, is now available on Raj Comics Android App. Get your copy now.

13 Sept, 2018


"Brahmaand Sanhita", Raj Comics Set 3 of 2018 Released:

Good news guys, the Latest Raj Comics set no 3 of 2018, Brahmaand Sanhita has been released.

Read Full Story Here - Set 3 of 2018

10 Sept, 2018


Raj Comics Set No 2 of 2018 is Released:

Hi friends, wait is over. Raj Comics set 2 of 2018, i.e, Brahmaand Vismaran set is ready for pre-orders.

Read Full Story Here

31 July, 2018


Raj Comics Set No 1 of 2018 is Released:

Hi friends, wait is over. Raj Comics set 1 of 2018 is ready for pre-orders.

Read Full Story Here

1 July, 2018


Sarvavyooh Released on RC Mobile App:


Hi friends, the waiting for the upcoming Raj Comics set is now over. The 11th part of the Sarvnayak series, i.e. 'Sarvavyooh', is now available on the Raj Comics mobile app. You can download and read this comics on your mobile using the RC mobile app, its cost is only Rs. 24 / -.
Apart from this, the thrill horror comic 'Aadamkhor Hatyara', on which Raj Comics has just released a short film, is also available on the mobile app. And its price is only Rs. 8 / -.

So download both comics today and enjoy them on your mobile.

Both of these comics are currently only available on the RC Mobile App. The hard-printed copies (pre-orders) are expected to be released by the end of June 2018.

28 May, 2018


Doga Film Official Teaser Released:

"Doga - Mumbai Ka Rakhwala", the 1st official teaser of Doga's first short film is released by Raj Comics.

Watch Doga Film Official Teaser Here:

Doga Film Official Teaser - RC Web Films Previews and Trailers

27 May, 2018


1st Raj Comics Film Aadamkhor is Released:

A great and much-awaited news for all Raj Comics fans and readers. Raj Comics Web Film Aadamkhor has been released yesterday.

Watch Aadamkhor film and read the full story here:

1st Raj Comics Movie Released - RC Web Film Aadamkhor is Out

26 May, 2018


Raj Comics Set 1 of 2018 Announcement:

Finally, Raj Comics have announced the very first set of 2018. Raj Comics Set 1 of 2018 will be ready for Pre-Orders by 30 April 2018. There are a total of 8 comic books in this set. Only 2 new comics, 5 old prints and one color book for children.

More Info on new set and comics list:

Upcoming and Forthcoming Attractions Raj Comics

24 Mar, 2018


Raj Comics 2018 Special Offers:

A lot of good greetings of the New Year to all of you. On the occasion of New Year, a flat 40% Discount is being available on all comics on the Raj Comics Mobile app
To grab this opportunity use the coupon code "HNY2018".

More Info on This and Other Offers:

Raj Comics Special Offers 2018 on RC App

02 Jan, 2018


Pre-Order Started for Raj Comics Set 2 of 2017:

Sarvaagman and Rajnagar Rannkshetra, i.e Raj comics Set 2 of 2017 is now available on RC online store. Set 2 is now available for pre-orders.

Read more here:

Raj comics Set 2 of 2017

24 July, 2017


Set 2 of 2017 - Comics Ready:


Raj comics Set 2 of 2017, the Sarvaagman set. Both the comics of this set 'Sarvaagman' and 'Rajnagar Rannkshetra' has been printed now. A few old reprints will also be there along with the new comics and that too are ready.

So now, we can hope for the pre-orders soon. Get ready for your hard copies.

I would like to remind the fans that the soft copies (Digital comics) of these comics are already available on Raj Comic Android App. If you need then you can buy them, it cost you Rs 24 per comic. If you don't have installed this app yet, then download it from the link given below.

And after installing the app, fill this code in the referral code option on registration: LM3Z07

Download Raj Comics Android App

22 July, 2017


Official Trailer of Aadamkhor Web Film Released:

The first official teaser-trailer of Raj Comics's Web film 'Aadamkhor The Cannibal' has been released. 
This web film is based on the comic book 'Aadamkhor Hatyaara' published in the 90s under the thrill-horror-suspense genre. It is being produced under 'Raj Prem Films' banner in association with 'Cineddiction Films'.

Watch the Teaser-Trailer and read the Story here:

Official Trailer - Aadamkhor Web Film

08 July, 2017


Raj Comics Set 2 of 2017 (Sarvaagman) Release Date:

Big news for Raj Comics fans. Raj Comics has announced the release date for the Set 2 of 2017 (Digital Comics). Raj Comics Set 2 of  2017 will be released on 28th May, 2017 on "Raj Comics Android app". There are 2 new comics going to release in this set, Sarvaagaman (Sarvanaayak Part-9) and Rajnagar Ranakshetra (Rajanagar Rakshak Part-5).

Confirming this news on their official Facebook page, the Raj Comics team said that,
"The comics of the upcoming new set, Sarvaagaman and Rajanagar Rakshak will be released on the upcoming Sunday, 28th May 2017, on the Raj Comics app. Along with this, all the earlier issues of these two comics series will also be made available on the Raj Comics app."

Regarding the Pre-Order, Raj Comics publication has not yet provided any information. But it can be expected that the pre-orders for the Raj Comics set 2 of 2017 will be start before the 15th of June.

So friends, if you have not yet installed the 'Raj Comics App' then download it from the link given below and install it on your Android phone. Both the new and the old comics are available on the Raj Comics app, enjoy them. And furthermore, a new comics is being provided daily on the Raj Comics app, and that too free of cost. After downloading the free comic once, you can read whenever you wish. So friends, start building your own comics collection from right now.

After installing the app, fill this code in the referral code option on registration: LM3Z07

24 May, 2017

Raj Comics Set 1 of 2017 is Out Now:

Raj Comics New set has been released. Raj Comics Publication has started pre-order for the set number 1 of 2017 on its online store.

Read the full story here:

19 April, 2017


Raj Comics Going to make "Aadamkhor -The Cannibal" Web Series (THS):

Raj Comics is going to make, "Aadamkhor -The Cannibal Web Series". This web series will be based on the Comics 'Aadamkhor Hatyara' published under Thrill-Horror-Suspense series in back 90's.

Read the full story here:

3 April, 2017


Raj Comics Set 1 of 2017 is Ready:

Good News RC lovers,


Raj Comics Set 1 of 2017 is ready after printing. But this time the new set is going to release with just 2 new comics. And they are Phoenix (Balcharit Series Dhruva) and Doga Ast (Doga Unmoolan Series).

Raj Comics publication gave this info on its official FB page.
They said
just in one line, "Dear friends, the new set is printed and will reach you very soon".

So now, we can hope for the Pre-Orders to be started soon.

27 Mar, 2017


Get Ready For Super Commando Dhruv TV Show: 

The news which is being eagerly awaited, and which will delight fans to hear. That news is, "Raj Comics Publications have decided to make a TV serial on our beloved Super Commando Dhruva". On January 29 2016, Raj Comics Publications on their official Facebook page has given an advertisement. In which they said that they are looking for a TV show writer on action genre.

Read Full Post:

TV Serial on Dhruva

30 Jan, 2016

 News Source: Raj Comics

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  1. kitne di or lgayene avhi releasing me already enough time is passed

    1. Bro Set 4 Kshatipurti Set is Released. You can order it from Raj Comics Online Store

  2. over a month has passed and their is no news about new set why

    1. Hi Pankaj bro,
      The release date or any other new information about the upcoming set 1 of 2016 is not available yet.
      The upcoming set is Sarvkranti Set and is being worked on. This is the only available information at this time. As soon as I get any information, I will definitely share.

  3. Hi Ajay bro if you have any information of new set 1 2016 please share with all

    1. Bro sorry to disappoint you,
      Right now there is no new update of the upcoming Set 1 of 2016.
      Raj Comics Team have not announced anything yet.
      According to the last information I received,
      "The upcoming comics set has begun printing."
      So we may assume that the new set pre-orders would be start soon.
      Rest all depends on Raj Comics Publications.

      Stay in touch for the latest updates.

  4. Can anyone answer please why raj comics has not released the Set 3 4 5 and 6 of this year, last year i remember by oct we already had set 4 released?is some issue causing the delay or is it any marketing tendency that Raj comics is following recently...ya fir kuch aur

  5. hi doston aapki new set ki maang ko indicomix poora karnay ki poori koshish kar rha hai aur sath he aap sabhi ko btana chahunga ki dhruv ki solo comic ka poster first look launch kardia hai plzzz aaap usko ek bar dekhay aur btaye ki apko kaisa laga :)


    or search indicommics on google

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