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Raj Comics Set No 001-100

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Raj Comics Monthly Set No 001-100

There are more than 400 Monthly Sets published by Raj Comics. Gathering full details and arrange all sets in sequence is not an easy task. This list took a lot of time and research to complete.

Monthly sets published by Raj Comics in sequence from 001 to 100:

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Raj Comics Set No 101-200 Complete List

To make this list a lot of time and research has been done. Every character and comic was kept in mind. But if I have missed something or wrong anywhere, please let me know. Your contribution will be appreciated.

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  1. GENL-0458 and 458 were published or not ?

    1. Sorry for typo. I meant 458 and 459

    2. Off course, both were published, but I don't have their names. Even Raj Comics don't have their names.

    3. 458 and 459 were later combined into bhanja
      so there is no general comic with 458 and 459
      and there are 2 specials with serial no. 21 ( bhanja and road roller)